The River House

Beautiful and romantic classical Swedish river house for rent!

A beautiful house with a direct view of The Mörrum River. Beautiful and romantic classical Swedish house for rent in Blekinge!

Come and stay in our beautiful and cozy private house in Mörrum, enjoy pure zen and tranquility and enjoy nature. Spend your vacant days in Blekinge and be as born again. This is our second home and we have decided to share this with guests who are looking for cozy and aesthetic accommodation in Blekinge. Please take good care of it!

The house has been renovated and is decorated in a Nordic minimalistic style with pleasant light colors. Probably the coziest house in all of Mörrum. It has an open French modern kitchen – build for food lovers – and a new bathroom with all modern facilities. A beautiful house with a direct view to The Mörrum River and about a minute walk to the famous Pool 15. Only 2 km to Mörrum town “Laksens Hus” and Karlshamn golf course/club. A house where you without worry can bring your family and friends, while you – or all of you – enjoy your passion for salmon and sea trout fishing or just relax with a good book.

Discover the sparkling lakes, archipelago and white sandy beaches nearby! Blekinge’s coastal line offers a classic Swedish summer life. Enjoy lovely swimming, wonderful days on the beach, good food and cozy evening life.

For the more adventurous type, cycle, hike and paddle through the landscape with the help of the ARK56, which is a network of trails in the Blekinge Archipelago (all within 0-10 km.), designated a biosphere reserve by UNESCO for its unique natural and cultural heritage.

Or perhaps an Island jump, discover the unique archipelago at your own pace. It is both exciting and comfortable, the archipelago traffic is regular with dense traffic. You buy the tickets onboard the boats.

There is something for all nature and zen lovers in this fantastic area.

The salmon and trout fishing in Mörrum has long been among Sweden’s best known and most popular destination. Mörrumsån stream and Mörrum salmon fishing are renowned among anglers from all over the world. The special thing about Blekinge’s rivers is that the rapids run towards the sea, otherwise it is usually the opposite. The most unique thing about River Mörrum is the size of the fish, here you can fish for the world’s largest salmon and sea trout!. In Blekinge, there is basically all the fishing you can imagine, from the enormous waters of the coastal fishery to the lakes and streams of the lakes, rivers and streams.

Fishing licenses are available at: – 2 km (we don’t provide these)

We recommend a fishing guide if you haven’t fished Mörrum River before, however not mandatory.

Coolest fishing gear shop and guide nearby (2 km) at

Practical information:

There is room for 4 sleeping guests ( 2 bedrooms with 2 beds). There is an extra mattress available and there is a sofa where an extra guest could sleep. There are 4 comforters and 4 pillows. Renters must bring: bed linen, sheets, towels, dishcloths, tea towels, toilet paper. Cleaning is subject to rent with full confidence that the house is not left dirty. All cleaning items are available. Fridge in cellar for all your catches.

FOR ALL RENTAL INQUIRES: Use the contact form on the site for direct bookings or click “Book Now” and it will lead you to our Airbnb.

Pets are welcome but smoking is not allowed indoors.

Distances: nearest habitation 300 m / fishing opportunity 20 m / shopping 2 km / restaurant 2 km / nearest city (Mörrum) 2 km / water(Sea/sandy beach) 2 km. 1 km to the train station with direct connection to Kristianstad, Karlskrona, Malmö and the international Copenhagen / Kastrup airport in Denmark.


And Feel Born Again!

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Mörrum, Blekinge, Sweden
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